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Building for the future of the internet of value

Our Thesis: The BitCoin (BSV) network and its metanet protocol are poised to be the foundation of the internet of value. BSV as an asset has asymmetric upside and the network has spurred an explosion of entrepreneurial creativity. Unbounded Capital matches deep understanding of BitCoin with extensive VC and entrepreneurial experience to help build the BitCoin economy through identifying, funding, and then guiding the best BitCoin-native businesses.

Why BitCoin? BitCoin is the greatest digital innovation since the advent of the internet. BitCoin will fundamentally improve the structure of the internet - how we store, access, and pay for information. Metanet, a new protocol for blockchain data storage, is the internet on BitCoin. 

The creation of BitCoin is responsible for three technologies that will shape the internet’s future; 

Immutable Data - data at a specific time and place which can never be changed or deleted

Digital Money - an immutable data-based currency used in part to pay the distributed, permissionless network of miners that make BitCoin run

Trustless Trust -  the ability to trust the BitCoin network without needing to trust individual participants

These three technologies create unbounded new economic opportunities. For example, true permanence in data storage is an instant advantage over existing tech companies which regularly alter and delete valuable data for financial and political reasons. Further, data on the metanet is instantly available worldwide. BitCoin miners are a built in content delivery network. Imagine starting Netflix without first having to set up servers across the world. BitCoin is a virtually frictionless backend. 

The efficiency of BitCoin as a peer-to-peer payment networks is another wholesale improvement over existing methods. BitCoin transactions cost a fraction of a cent regardless of quantity or destination. Micropayments, not possible at scale before BitCoin, will allow for efficient price discovery on digital content. These micropayments allow for an escape from inefficient ad models allowing creators to focus on generating value, rather than clicks. 

BitCoin’s smart contracting capabilities can revolutionize the way business is conducted online. BitCoin, a fixed quantity commodity, is the digital sound money of the 21st century. BitCoin can allow the trust and decency we expect with physical interaction to scale to accommodate our virtual lives.

Why BSV? In BitCoin’s 10 year history, the original has split into several versions, or forks. BSV (BitCoin Satoshi Vision) is the fork supported by Craig Wright - computer security expert, legal scholar, economist, and the individual Unbounded Capital believes is the creator of BitCoin. 

BSV is already the most functional version of BitCoin with the fastest trajectory and the greatest business potential. BTC, the market leading BitCoin implementation, has been plagued with poor leadership and poorer performance. BSV, operating independently for just under a year, has the capability of processing 14,000 transactions per second compared to just 7 for BTC. Over the past 6 months, BSV has seen 35% month over month increases in transaction count due to the explosion of new businesses being built on BSV as well as existing businesses migrating to BSV due to its functionality. BSV is already empirically achieving things the leaders of BTC claimed were impossible, and we expect this trend to continue over time. 

Due to market inertia and common misconceptions, particularly surrounding Craig Wright, BSV is priced extremely favorably compared to BTC. This is a temporary condition. As BSV continues to demonstrate its superior performance and entrepreneurs continue to flock to BSV raising network usage, the markets ultimately will come to see BSV as the best version of BitCoin and value it accordingly. In the meantime, Unbounded Capital will continue to enjoy favorable valuations for BSV the asset as well as the businesses being built on BSV.

Want to learn more or book Managing Partner Zach Resnick to speak at your next conference or event? Feel free to reach out to Zach directly at zach@unboundedcapital.com. Past example: Node Unbounded Capital Series on How Will Enterprises Integrate Blockchain?.

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Our Team


Zach Resnick

Managing Partner

Zach Resnick co-founded Unbounded Capital with Dan Rosen in 2018. He is also the founder of poker education company Just Hands Poker, and of miles and points consulting service EasyPoint. During his early 20s, Zach made a living from playing cash games and investing in other poker players, providing a unique understanding of risk management that is largely shaped through leveraging volatility to outperform others in the high-risk high-reward situations of poker. In mid-2016, Zach made his first personal investment in Bitcoin, and in late 2016 began a disciplined due diligence process for investing in cryptoassets.


Dan Rosen

Founding Partner

Dan Rosen is the founder and former CEO/President of Mosaic, the largest financier of residential solar in the United States, deploying over $3B in capital into solar projects. Dan is a lifelong climate and clean energy entrepreneur, and before Mosaic, he worked on leading clean energy companies and projects in Israel and the Southwestern United States. Dan began investing in blockchain technology in early 2017, around which time he began managing a cryptoasset portfolio with his partner, Zach Resnick.


Jackson Laskey


Jack is an investor, token economist, software developer, pianist/composer, and co-founder of poker education company Just Hands Poker. Jack's eclectic background and penchant for taking on new challenges has led him to the world of blockchain. As an avid voluntarist, Jack hopes to build a freer world by applying his knowledge of Austrian economics, game theory, and computer science in order to support exciting projects in the crypto space through investment and tokenomics advisory.

Dave MM.jpg

Dave Mullen-Muhr


Dave is an investor, entrepreneur, writer, and ever-curious learner. After completing a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan, Dave worked on a series of entrepreneurial enterprises and recognized the fundamental disconnect between academic economics and their practical applications. This discovery shifted his focus towards subjects like Austrian economics, complexity theory, and sensemaking which culminated in his passion for BitCoin. At Unbounded Capital, Dave is focused on leveraging BitCoin to integrate the wisdom of the past with the technology of the present to innovate the future.

Ashok Reddy.jpg

Ashok Reddy

Senior Advisor and Partner, Investment Committee Member

Ashok is a partner at Unreasonable Capital. He acts as a private equity investor partnering with entrepreneurs globally to build scalable solutions to financial inclusion, agriculture, sustainable energy, healthcare, and education. With more than 15 years of experience as a principal investor, he believes entrepreneurship can be a spark that empowers people to reframe global challenges into economic opportunities.

MG Headshot.jpg

Mike Goodman


Mike has been a management consultant for the past 6 years and recently transition from the Boston Consulting Group, where he spent the last four years, to a Chief of Staff position at Oshi Health, a healthcare startup focused on digital disease management for patients with IBD. Mike is passionate developing technology-based companies that have a positive impact on the world, including blockchain businesses across a variety of sectors. With extensive experience in strategy, business development and financial modeling, Mike helps Unbounded Capital conduct due diligence on target assets and assists portfolio companies on growth strategy, network design and tokenomic modeling.

mh photo_Tshirt 2.jpg

Mike Hennessey

Senior Advisor and Partner, Investment Committee Member

Mike is an early stage investor with experience in Direct Sales, Alliances, SaaS, Business Development, and Venture Capital, He co-founded PuenteLabs, an organization helping the best Latin American companies and entrepreneurs scale their businesses. He has served as a mentor, advisor, or investor to over 50 startups from the US, Europe, and Latin America including Ustream, Violin Memory, Cornershop, Mosaic, Wireline.io, MetalPay, CargoX, and Endeavor. Acquiring companies include IBM, Walmart, LinkedIn, CBS, HItachi, Rakuten, Groupon, and  IPO.

Jane Lippencott.jpg

Jane Lippencott


Jane is an active Asia-based entrepreneur, investor, and advisor in the blockchain space. She is currently Head of Business Development at CoinFi, a platform offering real-time intelligence and customizable financial products to cryptocurrency traders. She also works on business development for Origin X Capital, heading up their liquidity management team, and is an advisor to Lumen Capital Partners. She first started working in blockchain in 2016 as a founding team member of ZenCash (now Horizen), an encrypted ecosystem building an on-chain governance module and a DAG protocol.




Ben R..jpg

Ben Rutkevitz

Advisor and Partner

Ben’s finance career started in 2001 as a consultant for Citi Bank, Bear Stearns, and Morgan Stanley. In 2006 he started working for Satori Capital Management, an asset-based lending hedge fund specializing in senior secured commercial mortgages. There he managed a team of loan originators and underwriters. In 2009, Mr. Rutkevitz left Satori and moved to help grow Alleon Healthcare Capital, where his chief responsibility is to establish relationships with healthcare providers and intermediaries and assist in the underwriting process. In 2017 Mr. Rutkevitz began investing in early stage cryptoassets and ICOs. 

Garret MacDonald.jpg

Garrett MacDonald


Garrett, a radical distributor of power, founded the first tokenized-equity company when he was 16 years old. With a small investment of bitcoins from the initial token holders, he grew it to become a $1M company in two years. Garrett has built blockchain infrastructure architecture and token models for leading financial institutions and startups in Europe, Asia, North America, and New Zealand. Now he focuses on creating systemic change at the intersection of blockchain and energy.