Our Thesis


The Bitcoin (BSV) network and its metanet protocol are poised to be the foundation of the internet of value. BSV as an asset has asymmetric upside and the network has spurred an explosion of entrepreneurial creativity. Unbounded Capital matches deep understanding of Bitcoin with extensive VC and entrepreneurial experience to help build the Bitcoin economy through identifying, funding, and then guiding the best Bitcoin-native businesses.


Why bitcoin

Bitcoin is the greatest digital innovation since the advent of the internet. Bitcoin will fundamentally improve the structure of the internet - how we store, access, and pay for information. Metanet, a new protocol for blockchain data storage, is the internet on Bitcoin. 

The creation of Bitcoin is responsible for three technologies that will shape the internet’s future.


Three Technologies

Immutable Data: data at a specific time and place which can never be changed or deleted

Digital Money: an immutable data-based currency used in part to pay the distributed, permissionless network of miners that make Bitcoin run

Trustless Trust: the ability to trust the Bitcoin network without needing to trust individual participants


Micropayments, not possible at scale before Bitcoin, will allow for efficient price discovery on digital content. These micropayments allow for an escape from inefficient ad models allowing creators to focus on generating value, rather than clicks. 

Bitcoin’s smart contracting capabilities can revolutionize the way business is conducted online. Bitcoin, a fixed quantity commodity, is the digital sound money of the 21st century. Bitcoin can allow the trust and decency we expect with physical interaction to scale to accommodate our virtual lives.

These three technologies create unbounded new economic opportunities. For example, true permanence in data storage is an instant advantage over existing tech companies which regularly alter and delete valuable data for financial and political reasons. Further, data on the metanet is instantly available worldwide. Bitcoin miners are a built in content delivery network. Imagine starting Netflix without first having to set up servers across the world. Bitcoin is a virtually frictionless backend. 

The efficiency of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer payment networks is another wholesale improvement over existing methods. Bitcoin transactions cost a fraction of a cent regardless of quantity or destination.



BSV is already empirically achieving things the leaders of BTC claimed were impossible, and we expect this trend to continue over time. 

Due to market inertia and common misconceptions, particularly surrounding Craig Wright, BSV is priced extremely favorably compared to BTC. This is a temporary condition. As BSV continues to demonstrate its superior performance and entrepreneurs continue to flock to BSV raising network usage, the markets ultimately will come to see BSV as the best version of Bitcoin and value it accordingly. In the meantime, Unbounded Capital will continue to enjoy favorable valuations for BSV the asset as well as the businesses being built on BSV.

In Bitcoin’s 10 year history, the original has split into several versions, or forks. BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) is the fork supported by Craig Wright - computer security expert, legal scholar, economist, and the individual Unbounded Capital believes is the creator of Bitcoin.

BSV is already the most functional version of Bitcoin with the fastest trajectory and the greatest business potential. BTC, the market leading Bitcoin implementation, has been plagued with poor leadership and poorer performance. BSV, operating independently for just under a year, has the capability of processing 14,000 transactions per second compared to just 7 for BTC. Over the past 6 months, BSV has seen 35% month over month increases in transaction count due to the explosion of new businesses being built on BSV as well as existing businesses migrating to BSV due to its functionality.



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